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Information and Communications Technology Training Package Resources


  Unit Mapping & Outline  Sample


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  BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others        
  ICTICT101 Operate a personal computer        
  ICTICT102 Operate a word-processing application using Microsoft Word        
  ICTICT103 Use, communiate and search securely on the Internet        
  ICTICT104 Use digital devices        
  ICTICT105 Operate a spreadsheet applications using Microsoft Excel        
  ICTICT106 Operate presentation packages using Microsoft PowerPoint        
  ICTICT107 Use personal productivity tools using Microsoft Outlook        
  ICTICT203 Operate application software packages using Microsoft Word
  Excel & PowerPoint
  ICTCT207 Integrate commercial computing packages using Microsoft Office        
  ICAICT205/207 Design and integrate organisational documents using
  Microsoft Office
  ICTICT208 Operate accounting applications using MYOB        
  ICTICT210 Operate database applications using Microsoft Access        


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